take a breath

A magical three night retreat to recharge, refresh, and rediscover yourself. 

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Come breathe with us.

Join us for a three night escape we promise you will not forget. Led by best friends Katie and Alice, this all-inclusive retreat for women will give you the much needed time and space to connect with other sisters and yourself. Along with daily Breathwork, you will also enjoy soul searching workshops, Yoga, guest speakers, Pilates, delicious meals, and a lot of down time for resting and having fun!


When was the last time you went on a vacation and came home completely relaxed? We bet we know the answer to that question. Imagine three days to yourself, where you can sleep in, eat meals that you didn't cook, drink wine when you want to, and really dive deep into your vision and goals for your future.


If you come with an open mind, you will leave with a full heart.



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What can you expect?

  • Intimate heartfelt experience with 14 other women
  • 3 delicious meals per day (and plenty of snacks too!)
  • Morning workshops with guest speakers
  • Daily Breathwork healing group
  • Pilates and Yoga to stretch and release
  • Plenty of time and space for morning runs or afternoon walks
  • Evening bonding over a glass of wine
  • Relax in the hot tub or read a book by the pool
  • Fun gift bag with some of our favorite things
  • You are the Queen of your experience, do what makes you happy!


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Are you ready to release the emotional baggage that you are holding onto? Breathwork is a life changing tool that can purge emotional trauma being stored in your body. With this very simple three-part breath, Katie will lead you through the healing journey every day of the retreat. 

We carry things with us throughout our lives, things you may not even realize you are holding onto. People will often time have visions or hear guidance from above during the healing, which kickstarts them on a new path in life. The key is to be open to the experience and trust the process.



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Upcoming Dates

September 13-16, 2018   SEA RANCH, CA

June 23-26, 2019   SONOMA, CA


INCLUDES: lodging, all meals/snacks/drinks, all workshops



$400 non-refundable deposit required to hold your space.

In the event that you cannot attend, you may sell your space to someone else.



We can't wait to breathe with you! 

we will get back to you asap

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